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Noble & Blue is meant to be a playground and a sharing platform for us two gear-enthusiasts to post pictures and thoughts of our EDC, outdoor and tactical gear. Or basically anything related to the aforementioned subjects we see fit.

At the same time we hope to give down-to-earth reviews about the kit we use and acquire for our needs, to maybe help you to make an informed decision when looking to buy new gear for your backpacking expeditions, firearm practises or even airsoft games.

We are your regular-everyday-normal guys from Finland, with little experience but a lot of interest in this kind of stuff and want to share our experiences and insights to others interested in this kind of stuff.

And the writers present themselves:

Noble – I am in my late 20’s, been through my year long conscription, did a half a year duty as a drill-sergeant. These days I am just trying to stay fit between work hours, taking the dog out to the woods. I am also aspiring to take on voluntary reservist training, with practical shooting (SRA) and sniper training.

Blue – Machining student in my mid 20’s, relieved of peacetime duty, but interested in voluntary national defense, firearms and much more. Due to my economical status as a student, I’m still watching my options on getting into the shooting hobby, but hopefully in the near future it becomes a reality. Airsoft has been a long time hobby, but my interest has turned more towards mil-sim style games and loadout impressions.

And what comes to equipment and gear, we try to live by a saying: “the poor man can’t afford shit quality”. Pretty self explanatory. But the poor man can’t usually afford the best quality either, so many times we find ourselves trying to find the best quality for the budget we have, which is probably the case for the most of us. Whether it be a brand new or a secondhand product we get for our needs.