We have had the privilege of getting to know some great people through our blog and other social medias, and we have also partnered up with some people who have been kind enough to consider us worthy of their business.

In this page you can find the companies and blogs that we consider our friends and “allies”. Go check their websites and blogs out, they have some great articles and other things for you to enjoy, if you enjoy our humble ramblings!


Spotter Up Tactical

Spotter Up Tactical is a blog about all the aspects of tactical and outdoors life, with tons of articles and reviews of gear, mindset, tactics, style, EDC and etc. They have a large variety of different real world professionals writing for them! AND they syndicate our reviews and articles too! We cannot recommend their blog enough, we have learned so much from their articles and we can tell you, they are the nicest people with good values and ideology.


Allied Risk Equipment Consulting

Allied Risk is a UK based company that promotes and connects gear manufacturers to dealers, and vice versa. They are a growing company already with some great brands and retailers on their arsenal, so you should definitely keep an eye out for them in the future. We’re partnered with Allied Risk and have agreed to do some product testing for them when they see us fit for the job! Great people all the way.




This great British guy writes about airsoft, milsim and equipment. His writings are indepth and inspiring. He is the kind of people that airsoft community really benefits from and shows that it is not all about little kids with expensive gear that they do not know how to use. His page is definitely worth your while if you are into airsoft and milsim!


IMTT Finland

IMTT Finland is a Finnish company offering high quality training and consulting services for everyone; civilian and LE/Military personnel alike. They work tightly with IMTT (International Mobile Training Team, based in the US), and provide their courses that are compiled by experts in their field.

Jukka, the man behind IMTT Finland is a super nice guy, brilliant teacher and also writes his own reviews and stories of his adventures, be it hiking or off-roading with his pals. We cannot recommend enough to check his page out and follow his pages in Instagram and Facebook.


EDC Survival Tools (Vegvisir Creations)

EDC Survival Tools (or the new company name is Vegvisir Creations) is also a Finnish company, that specializes in creating kydex holsters and sheats for knives, pistols and EDC survival items, alongside paracord, cordura etc. The quality of the work is excellent and the sheats are well known for their individualistic and innovative design.

The man behind the company is also a stand up guy and a veteran too. His Instagram feed is filled with pictures of his handiwork and outdoors adventures (and outdoors cooking!). So if you have any knife or survival item that needs a proper carrying system EDC Survival Tools/ Vegvisir Creations is the company to check out!


Fire Mission! Blog

This blog is like a brother to ours. The guy behind the real and truthful reviews is an active military  JTAC operator, who really knows what he is talking about. Besides all that, he is a brilliant bloke too!

His reviews and articles really show the kind of first-hand knowledge and expertise that we, for example, cannot give. His blog and instagram are a must follow for everyone who are interested in tactical equipment!

Picture borrowed from Fire Mission!

Pack Config

We are proud and thrilled we can list Pack Config amongst our friends. Pack Config was one of the blogs we read intensely before we started our own, and we still do, and on its own part truly inspired us to found N&B.

The Pack Config is a UK based blog about all things packs. They have a extensive list of reviews of modern packs from several prestigious writers. AND they have some of the coolest original patch designs out there too! They are definitely worth your while to check out.

We never thought we would be in a situation that we actually would be contributing to such an highly respected blog, but here we are! A few of our Field Reports have been published and you can check them out here:
Blue’s account of our Isojärvi trip / Noble’s account of his trip to Connemara National Park, Ireland / Noble´s account of his trip to Yosemite National Park, USA

Pack Config