First Impressions – Platatac Bullock Echo MkII

“Ally gear” is something of an concept in the tactical world these days, I guess. All the products from highly regarded brands from the different Western countries, such like Crye Precision, Tyr Tactical etc., are highly sought after in the tactical gear consuming communities in Europe and the States alike.

Australia has always been amongst the ally countries, but the gear from Aussie manufacturers have always been a bit of rare gems. The stuff from “Down under” do not reach Europe so easily, at least without hefty shipping fees.

Through a trade I succeeded to land a pretty rare back pack from the revered Aussie gear brand Platatac. The Bullock Echo MkII is a full-blooded assault pack, Platatac’s spin on the “MAP” concept.

I have used the Bullock Echo now a few times on short hikes and walks. The very first thing that caught my eye is the quality feeling of it. It is definitely made of good materials and well put together.

There are some features that I really like, for example the integrated cargo panel and the rubbered inner side of the pack. But the size of the pack is really quite small. Of course it is a small assault pack, not a hiking day pack. It will hold your water and ammo, spare clothes and helmet on the cargo pocket when you do not need it. But if you want to carry even a days worth of hiking supplies, you need to pack it really tight.

One other thing is that the pack is not readily supplied with shoulder straps. The Bullock Echo has integrated molle attachment points for mounting it onto your body armours molle back panel.  You can of course get a pair of shoulder straps separately (or with the purchase of the pack) and I got mine from HR4K, a British company and probably the only European supplier of Platatac products.

The shoulder straps do not look like much, but they are really comfortable and work great with the pack. Only down side of the pack, when carried with the shoulder straps, is that the molle attachment loops feel quite awkward on your back.

I will not write a full blown review just yet, because an assault pack reserves some testing in assault conditions before I can say anything final on it. I will have a few occasions during the summer to put it through some proper action it needs, so you can expect a more thorough review by the end of the summer!


Material Disclosure

I received this product via my own funds. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.


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